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ID Message
1 Router input: news/show/18/kompetencje-system-i-model-kompetencyjny
2 Router controller: news
3 Router output: news/show/18/kompetencje-system-i-model-kompetencyjny
4 Router URL: /aktualnosci/pokaz/18/kompetencje-system-i-model-kompetencyjny
5 Found controller name: Controller_news
6 SQL query: SET NAMES utf8
7 SQL query: INSERT INTO sessions SET sid='0b9dc95710d07a8e7eda9d5184ef2a99', date_start=1516503273, date_action=1516503273, browser='CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)', ip='', path='news/show/18/kompetencje-system-i-model-kompetencyjny'
8 SQL query: DELETE FROM sessions WHERE date_action < 1516467273
9 get flash
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11 SQL query: SELECT id, pl as value FROM languages
12 Found action name: show
13 SQL query: SELECT * FROM news WHERE active=1 AND id=18
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